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Raven's Point is a town. Raven's Point is also a game. Solve puzzles and explore a seemingly never-ending maze of unnerving hallways and rooms inside a terrifying house of secrets. You're not only trapped within the town of Raven's Point, you're also trapped within the game.


Dive down into the rabbit hole of Sara’s mind-bending, ever-changing home. Rooms will appear and disappear and new paths will unearth themselves as you explore deeper and deeper into the darkest recesses of the house. With dozens of alternate paths to take and hundreds of secrets waiting to be found, the world of Raven’s Point is shrouded in both mystery and intrigue.


In Sara’s attempt to escape her home, the house itself is a puzzle waiting to be solved. New branches can be unlocked and discovered, hidden areas can be unearthed, and secrets can be found through unconventional puzzle mechanics that test both your creativity and abstract puzzle solving skills.


During her journey, Sara must learn to confront and overcome the demons hunting after her. Taking the form of her own personal traumas, her own mind is often the greatest enemy. Unsure who to trust, she must find a way to avoid different terrifying threats whilst piecing together the fragments of her mind to feel whole again. She must decide whether the greatest enemy is herself, or the person controlling her.


Raven’s Point is a game that constantly changes around you. Each room is unique and offers multiple secrets and methods of exploration. Objects that weren’t there before may suddenly appear, rooms that were there before are suddenly different, things that wouldn’t normally be possible are suddenly viable. Raven’s Point is a game meant to be played like it’s a game. It aims to create a whole new world of logic that leaves you questioning what is real and which secrets were meant to be discovered. A feeling of accomplishment yet emptiness. A feeling you didn’t want to experience. Become immersed in the town of Raven’s Point but don’t forget everything is trapped within the window. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.


Grumbismal Games

Team composition:
Connor Frye (programming, art, writing, project management)
Alice Dalton (soundtrack, SFX, writing)

Connor (press & general inquiries): connor@grumbismalgames.com
Alice (audio & music):
Hi, we're Grumbismal Games. We're a small indie studio of two from the United States.
We make strange games with an emphasis on the human element behind them.

High resolution branding, logos, and screenshots for Grumbismal Games and Raven's Point can both be downloaded here.

If you have any questions for us or just want to reach out, feel free to send an email our way or join our Discord server!