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Explore the ever-changing town of Raven's Point...

Roam the halls of your twisted home as the rooms change, appear, and disappear at a moment's notice, second-guessing what could be around every corner. Build a mental map of the house's layout as you explore its secrets and search for an exit. Survive the streets of Raven's Point as you explore a Silent Hill-inspired overworld and evade the creatures hunting you down.

Face each of the eight creatures haunting the town...

Come face-to-face with each of the monsters lurking in the house and town. Through eight terrifying and unique boss fights, you'll have to outsmart and overcome each obstacle thrown your way.

Unearth the secrets hidden within Raven's Point...

Solve dozens of hidden puzzles, uncover secret rooms, and collect unknown items as you piece together the story behind the town and the creatures inhabiting it.

Gameplay footage courtesy of AngeloPlays!



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"It feels like a real evolution of the FNaF style of horror genre, backing up its jump-scare filled boss fights with more traditional first person exploration horror game elements and a very intriguing lore. Highly recommended."
- Calum Fraser, AlphaBetaGamer

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