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Who Are We?

Grumbismal Games is an independent game development team consisting of three people. We make everything from comedy platformers to psychological horror games!

Connor Frye (a.k.a. gurbofrogman)

Hi! I'm Connor. I'm the lead developer of Grumbismal Games. I do most of our programming, art, animation, and writing. I've been developing indie games of varying quality for the better part of five years and, needless to say, it's something I'm super passionate about.

I grew up playing all sorts of games and my passion definitely stems from that, but I really started to get into game development from modding Source games (Portal 2, CS:GO, Half-Life, etc.) and messing about in Source Filmmaker. At some point I figured "hey, why not make my own games?" and I've been doing it since!

Apart from game development, I still love modding other games, 3D printing, making cosplay props, writing, and toying with electronics.

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Charly Smith

Hello! My name is Charly Smith. I am the level designer for Raven's Point. I'm just your typical gamer who took their passion for playing games and turned it into making games. I grew up playing a ton of games, and I still play a pretty wide range. I think that every game has something to offer, and there's no such thing as a "bad game". If you got some sort of entertainment out of it, it served its purpose!

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Alice Dalton

I'm Aliciana, I am a sound designer and music composer from England! I make all the fleshy gross sounds and spooky wind noises that you hear. I love the horror genre (mostly) and a lot of my passion lies there, though I also compose my own ambient tracks that are more calm and upbeat in my spare time.

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